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How tall will I be by 21?

Details Height: 5 '9 Age: 15 Ethnicity: White Background: Spanish French / European Mens shoe size 11.5-12 us Dad 5 '11 Mama 5 '3 Even where I am at puberty: Uhmm I pretty much just started, I can 't grow a beard, I don' t shave I have minimal hair leg / arm. I have ninguÌ?? No body hair at all. I have pubic hair yet. No pimples and materials ……. My youknowwhat size of 6.5 inches. de. but when I wasn 't 40 pounds of excess weight was 7 inches long. So basically my dad is one of the highest in his hand, except for some of his uncles and grandads who are taller than him. as 6 feet and up. My mom however has tall genes, most men on their side are 6 feet or higher. I have some cousins who are 16-17 and 5 '11 or 6 feet. their moms. Despite the fact that are just as high as mine. I have cousins 21 a year that was 5 ft 5 in 15 so now he is 6 feet. I eat nutritious food, I drink 2 liters of milk at least a day …. And I plan to start swimming again next week as a form of weight loss. so yeah BTW, although my dad is 2-3 inches taller than me, my feet longer than him … so yeah

Posted by: Ryan

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One Response to “How tall will I be by 21?”

  1. Says:

    You’re doing the right job. However, it’s difficult to say how tall you will be by your 21!Everything depends on your genetic predisposition.

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