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Learn How to Play Blackjack

Learn to play the black jack & refer to the Sahara; Casin? on the Las Vegas Strip. The black jack pu? be a fun game casino? for both beginners and experts to refer & Sahara; Casin? Las Vegas.

Video posted by: SaharaCasino

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Comments & Feedback on "Learn How to Play Blackjack"

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22 Responses to “Learn How to Play Blackjack”

  1. Haloanonymous Says:

    read the book bringing down the hosue tis what 21 is based off but has the real strategys

  2. nochance101 Says:

    but according to the movie, you have to a harvard student =)

  3. nochance101 Says:

    if you could get into harvard and love math, you might even get the hot girl too

  4. sexgod28 Says:

    “the dealers are always happy to help you learn how to lose huge amounts of your money!”

  5. Dominian1 Says:

    You gotta find out how many packages are played with. Usually the number is 6.
    6decks (6×52) is 312 cards.
    You got 24 twos, 24 threes … 24 nines, 96 tens+pictures and 24 aces.

    And you keep count of either all those, or you group them in a way you can count them easier.

    It is fucking hard to do that, and not very many people can do it. Especially not without training.

    Also you must have in mind the perfect system to play on all hands.
    Takes a lot of talent, and a lot of training.

  6. Brenboy89 Says:

    In alot of casinos the only card down is the dealer’s down card, also, you are NOT allowed to touch the cards.

  7. abisaurus321 Says:

    how does it not work?

  8. santi45 Says:

    yes it works

  9. DaLatios Says:

    Card counting helps with blackjack, but it’s very, very hard now to use it as a sure-fire way of winning.

  10. gh00st14 Says:

    i also just watched 21 as well lol wish i was as good as him winner winner chicken dinner

  11. shiteballs117 Says:

    i saw 21 and i was wondering how to count cards?

  12. koolerthencoolaid Says:

    hi hi hi hi

  13. koolerthencoolaid Says:

    i now baby yor sexy

  14. aberberry Says:

    juat wacthed 21 i wish i was old enogh to go to casonis

  15. Lambofox Says:

    i watched 21, great movie

  16. narehs1 Says:

    haha i own at counting cards buts it doesnt work in modern day casinos
    winner winner chicken dinner!!!

  17. RoksInc Says:

    lol i just watchd 21 as well

  18. Fran918 Says:

    Ya me too .. Now i see that im newb XD

  19. daftarianster Says:

    I just watched 21 too. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    I’m a total nooooooooooooooooooobie


  20. catchfree84 Says:

    i just watched 21…and im a newb

  21. danny941016 Says:

    you count the cards that are face up at all time

  22. chicagomarchingbands Says:

    I think I would like face down black jack better. The Peanut gallery wouldn’t have anything to say then!

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