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Michael Jackson’s Blackjack Strategy

Craig reveals that MJ is doing and what are they returned? Pu Vegas? be the perfect place for him.

Video posted by: CBS

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Comments & Feedback on "Michael Jackson’s Blackjack Strategy"

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19 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s Blackjack Strategy”

  1. DocWha Says:

    Better cameras.

  2. fdjarvie Says:

    Maybe when you learn the English language.

  3. mikeull Says:

    filmed with better cameras then all the other shit on here and pro post-production peope

  4. Jaded7 Says:

    Super Model… Super Market… Super Mario… but he forgot one tiny detail…


  5. American0Dream Says:

    all directors do

  6. flyn747s Says:

    Haha! Craig is the best!

  7. redbeast2 Says:

    …because I am! Ha-ha-ha!

  8. Kojsas Says:

    craig is the best talk show host around fuck leno, letterman and o’brien they don’t suck but they can’t touch fergie 😛

  9. fusiondogg Says:

    Lol “What happened to the regular Marios?”

  10. Lachausis Says:

    damn, so funny!!! Client list goes public!!! Priceless!

  11. mlledaae Says:

    dont make fun of craig ferguson! he is AMAZING!

  12. Ioovius Says:

    craig is the best!

  13. sidiggy1 Says:

    But, you did not actually comment, did you?

  14. darkain71 Says:

    I love this guy

  15. sPiNcH Says:

    how they become such a good video quality? i guess CBS gets better quality?

  16. amdnovello Says:

    this is shit! i don’t know where people gonna forget the accuse on michael

  17. grimlexx Says:

    damn i woulda been first if CBS approved em quicker lol

  18. nk47 Says:

    i always hit on fourteen.. XD

  19. DON'T BLAME US! Says:

    […] a great blog post that we found or a really boring blog post. Here is todays most boring blog post: This super boring blog post was submitted by Yahlmm, so don't blame us. LOL […]

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