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spanish 21 splitting strategy

Basically I would like to know why do you not split face cards (any face cards) when the dealer shows a 6? I thought the assumption was that the dealer is going to bust anyway so you should split.

I have heard the argument that you are taking too many cards and your taken the dealers bust card, etc. But how many times have we seen where the dealer pulls out a 6-5 and nails everyone with the face card you could have kept splitting with.

Is there a statistical argument?

Question asked by: Terrance T

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6 Responses to “spanish 21 splitting strategy”

  1. Smeagol (formerly Weapon X) AM Says:

    Remember they play with a stripped deck in spanish 21. They take all the Queens out.

    You never split faces because 20 is a winning hand, same reason you don’t split 5’s or 4’s, 10 and 8 are good doubling hands, but 20 is a good sticking hand. Best hands to split in blackjack (not sure about spanish 21, i don’t play house games) 8’s and aces.

  2. LegFuJohnson Says:

    With a 6 showing, the dealer busts less often than most people think. It’s less than half the time. I’d imagine that number is less in Spanish 21. You take the 20 and be happy.

  3. thegamevault Says:

    There is not a logical statistical argument for or against this play. One could argue that you are throwing away a decent hand for a chance at 2 bad hands. However, basic strategy states that you should stand on 12 or more if dealer is showing a 5 or 6. So by logic, you will definitely have 12 or more. I always split 10s against a dealer 5 or 6. Most people do not agree with me, but I see it as a way to get more money on the table.

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