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Winning Strategies for Playing Blackjack : The Ace Count Strategies for Blackjack

You 'll see that the thing is counting dell'Asso and explained in black jack in this free how-to video on strategies to conquer for playing black jack.

Video posted by: expertvillage

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19 Responses to “Winning Strategies for Playing Blackjack : The Ace Count Strategies for Blackjack”

  1. Zaglah Says:

    I work in casino surveillance, and yea finally one guy who tells people not to keep count on there chips. This is a dead give away. But usually in most cases even if you are doing a full Hi-Lo count, the casino usually won’t stop your play in a 6-8 deck games as most casino personal thinks it is nearly impossible to beat a shoe, which it isn’t really, And especially if you don’t take very much say $200-$1000, As casino’s will lose more money with constant shuffle up’s and sucker players leaving

  2. Latzz4Flex Says:

    Not only do most casinos use a minimum of 4,5 decks, but most use an automatic shuffler instead of the shoe. That means that they have that many decks being shuffled at all times. That makes card counting a thing of the past.

  3. twooutstwice Says:

    For all of you who play online poker but don’t use rakeback, realize that you have a huuuge leak. Each month you can be getting a portion of all the rake taken from the pots you were DEALT in. Thats right you don’t even need to be involved in the hand. Just be dealt in and fold…. Siick eh?


    -replace the * with .

  4. NickRcRacer Says:

    computer blackjack

  5. Brenboy89 Says:

    Some places (like cruiseship casinos use 8 decks at a time.)

  6. manutdstyle Says:

    what the fucin u talking about !!! :@

  7. burns1210 Says:

    This is horse hockey, the easiest blackjack strategy is a good betting pattern. That’s what I do and always walk out up.

  8. 54spiritedwill54 Says:

    Lol i watched that movie

  9. deckorg Says:

    th ebest is the zen count for me.. 3 player game sitting in the 3rd seat (last seat). 6 deck game. 1 burning at begginning of shuffle. dealer stands at 17. Its easy to get 30% of your buy in from the first two games (raising ^ lowering betting of course.)even if you dont follow exactly basic strategy.

  10. 1Casinoscams1 Says:

    yes but he’s using one deck.

  11. XiaoNoodles Says:

    hehe played this with a bunch of friends just now. was losing by 20bucks then i got blackjack twice in a row, then later a double ace which reaped 3times my bet, and then i kept getting 19 and 20 for awhile. i won $5 from the entire game !

  12. dansch82 Says:

    he said that you should move tables since their are 3 aces in play, but at casinos they use like 6 decks at a time. Dumba**

  13. TrishDj Says:

    damn can any of these videos start at the beginning hell lol. I wanna win sum money !!

  14. jump102jump Says:

    Hi-Lo system ftw

  15. StuUngar Says:

    When the shoe is 10 rich, the player has several advantages even though the dealer has equal chances of getting strong pat hands. A BJ pays 3:2 for player, not dealer. Player can double down, dealer can’t. Player can split, dealer can’t. Those plays become extremely strong in a favorable shoe. There are other little quirks as well. For instance, standing on a 12 against a 2 when the shoe is good. Doubling 9 vs 7, standing on 16 vs a face when the shoe is good, hitting a 12 vs a 4 in a bad shoe

  16. StuUngar Says:

    Simple, you can’t.

  17. neologics Says:

    In California the dealers have a auto shuffling machine instead of a shoe. So every time a hand is played, it is dropped in the machine and constantly shuffled. How can you count those than? I do not know how many decks they use.

  18. goncalo34 Says:

    the blackjack ships can be the same of POKER ?

  19. coach factory outlet Says:

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