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Where can I learn how to play “Casino” card games on-line? I want to learn how to play some new card gamed, so when I go to Vegas I can try them out. Spanish 21 Let It Ride 3 Card Poker Can anyone tell me a website where Ic an learn and play these games? […]

Where to Play Blackjack in the Uk? – by Anthony Woods Blackjack has a French heritage: its precursor was a game called “ving-et-un” (French for “21”), which was popular in French casinos in the 1700s. It was then brought to America by French colonists, where it quickly spread and gained enormous popularity. Developments in the […]

spanish 21 splitting strategy Basically I would like to know why do you not split face cards (any face cards) when the dealer shows a 6? I thought the assumption was that the dealer is going to bust anyway so you should split. I have heard the argument that you are taking too many cards […]

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